Hey Kids, Comics! #242 - Cine-Files: DCisions, DCisions

• August 25th, 2017

Hot on the heels of the Marvel-ous movie issue, the latest chapter of "Cine-Files" takes a look at Warner Brothers and the DC Cinematic Universe.


Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are joined this week by none other than "Do It Yourself" host PJ Dunn aka the Vegabomber!  Brining his considerable movie critic talents to the proceedings, this titanic trio explore the DC moive franchises.  Timing is everything in a week filled to brimming with announcments and conjecture about this disjointed approach to floating a franchise.  

Why does Warner falter where Marvel succeeds? With so many missess and so few hits, that is a compelling question that challenges your hosts this week.  Find out their thoughts on the past, present, and future of DC movies.


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Hey Kids, Comics! #241 - Assembly Required

• August 21st, 2017

The road to an Avengers movie, thought to be an impossibility a decade ago, has abeen a long one!  As has the rocky road from one Marvel Comics based movie to the next.

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston travel that road in the latest issue of the show and find it a most curious and storied path.  Join them as they explore the films of Marvel Studios as well as, to a lesser degree, Fox and Sony and thier respective hit and miss record with the House of Ideas.

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Hey Kids, Comics! #240 - Cine-Files: Movie Knights

• August 12th, 2017

We're Batman!

There has been no shortage of Batman movies or movie Batmans in the last quarter century.  Technically there have been Batmans since 1943, but the Cine-Files story arc does not stretch back that far.  Nor 1949.  Or indeed, to 1966, either.  Apologies to Lewis Wilson, Robert Lowery, and Adam West - all of whom brought Bruce Wayne's alter ego to the big screen.  

This week Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston take a look at big screen Batman incarnations from Keeton to Aflek and everyone in between.  The character has been brooding and serious, campy and jovial, and even downright murderous over the years.

Join Hey Kids, Comics! on a journey through the Dark Knights in cinema from 1989 through 20016.


We want to issue a very special thank you to batman-online.com , for their extensive work in detailing panel by panel, the comparisons between comic and film!  Way to go, team!



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Hey Kids, Comics! #239 - Cine-Files: The Good, The Bad, and the Confusing

• August 4th, 2017

While an issue about Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Westerns might be compelling, the famed actor/director is not the focus this week.  This due in no small part to there being no known Clint Eastwood comic books.

Instead your hosts are embarcing on a brand new story arc all about super-heroes on the Silver Screen.  This issue launches thing with a look at some of the best, worst, and most obscure comic book based cinema before the arc moves into a handful of solid franchises.

As summer draws to a close it seemed only natural to go out to the movies...

for five weeks in a row!

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Hey Kids, Comics! #238 - This is NOT a Comic Book Show!

• July 29th, 2017

It's more of a toy show, really.  Well, this week it is because Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are super charged with super-hero toys.  

With a massive number of new releases in Hasbro's amazing action figure line annoucned and teased at San Diego Comic Con, your hosts just had to devote an episode to the collecting extravaganza that begins August 1, 2017!

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Hey Kids, Comics! Summer Fun Supplemental - Exclusively Yours SDCC 2017

• July 23rd, 2017

Yet again this year, San Diego Comic Con exclusives haunt Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston.  Breaking their promise not to bitch about SDCC, the JCU brings you this year's rant about that paricular convention and all the toys!

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Hey Kids, Comics! #237 - Summer Fun 2017

• July 21st, 2017

It's now pretty much a tradition - the Summer Fun issue of Hey Kids, Comics!  For 2017 Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are pulling out all of the stops with special guest Nathan Cochenour.  When you listen to this issue you will know why Nathan was invited to join Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston for an hour of fun.


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The Rantcor Pit #67 Hey Hasbro! (Part 2: Back in Black)

• July 15th, 2017

It's time to talk Star Wars toys that don't exist - yet - once again. 

Welcome to the second (and final) part of 'Hey Hasbro!" in which Cole Houston and Eddie Medina dig deeper into their modern Star Wars toy wish list. What characters and creatures do they favor that they did not get to last time?  Can they stick to talking about just the 6" scale Black Series?  Can only two episodes of the show truly suffice to cover so much ground?

Find out what Your Favorite Star Wars Guys hope to check off of their collecting bucket list in the upcoming years.  This (and the episode before it) will be something to look back at in a few years and see what, if anything, got the toy treatment and satisfied the Rantcor Pit's ravenous appetite for collectbles.

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Hey Kids, Comics! #236 - The Writing on the Wall

• July 14th, 2017

What's this?  A "Watchmen" issue of "Hey Kids, Comics!"?! 


Yes, it is true.  This outing Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston discuss what is largely believed to be Cole's favorite topic when it comes to comics, "Watchmen".  

But this time its a bit different.  The discussions take your hosts, and their special guest Catherine Houston, beyond just the comic series itself.  This one is about the phenomenon.  From ocuntless incarnations of published collections of the comic to movies to merchandising, there was plenty to explore this week.

Catherine "Mrs. JediCole" Houston joins the show due in no small part to haveing a certain fondness for Watchmen in her own right.



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Hey Kids, Comics! #235 - Independents Day

• July 7th, 2017

Hot on the heels of the "Period Pieces" story arc, the latest issue runs a bit late for the Fourth of July, but none the less carries that theme with a look at the various booms and busts and myriad titles that are collectively known as Indys.  

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are joined by comic book scholar Weldon Adams in an exploration of independent comic publishers and their work.  What defines a comic as an Indy?  What comics of this ilk managed to reach the pinacles of success?  Which ambitious titles failed miserable and which miserable titles failed even more so in the often flooded marketplace?  These and other questions are posed and answered as Hey Kids, Comics! declares independents!

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