The Rantcor Pit #48 - Mythic Proportions Episode 1: Finding Mythos

• May 29th, 2016

Welcome back to The Rantcor Pit!  It has been far too long.  Cole Houston and Eddie Medina have finally managed to wrestle some free time down and are back to bring you more Rantcor fun.

Join "Your Favorite Star Wars Guys" as they present a two-part look at classical mythology and folklore in the Star Wars saga to date.  Beyond Joseph Campbell's work, what elements of these ancient tales can be found woven into the Original Trilogy and the Prequel Trilogy?  Special guest Kelly Long helps draw back the curtain of antiquity as she guides your hosts into a thought-provoking exploration of Star Wars!

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Hey Kids, Comics! #180 - Comic Book Capers: Comic Book Heroes

• May 27th, 2016

Welcome to the latest issue of "Comic Book Capers"!

After three issues of thieves, copycats, and court battles, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston turn their attentions to some of the good guys in the story of comic books and the law.  And also the folks who just do good things while embracing their personal love of comics.  

From artists and cosplayers to those who champion the legal rights of comic book creators, there are plenty of heroes out there.  Listen to the latest episode to find out about how this community takes care of its own.

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Hey Kids,, Comics! #179 - Comic Book Capers: The Copyists

• May 19th, 2016

The show must go on!  Even if it is weeks late.

Welcome back to the interrupted story arc, "Comic Book Capers".  After too long a hiatus (and two movie review shows as filler), Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston have returned!

This time they brought a friend, none other than artist Thomas Branch!  Continuing the coverage of real life legal battles and illegal actions surrounding comic books and their creators, this week's discussion is about those who copy the work of others to present or sell as their own.

This practice is becoming all to common and hurts all artist, especially those who are Artist Alley creators who do amazing work with their own hands and reserves of talent only to have some hack print out images from the internet with signatures swapped digitally.  

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Hey Kids, Comics!/Whadjathink? Crossover - Captain America: Civil War

• May 15th, 2016

Andrew Farmer, Cole Houston, and Catherine Houston are at it again!  

That's right, it's crossover time!  As Captain America: Civil War enjoys a second big weekend at the box office, prepare yourself for some in-depth discussion of this latest addition to the growing Marvel franchise.

Did your hosts like what they saw?   What was great?   What was terrible?  Was this a more satisfying film than Batman v. Superman?

Find out today!

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Hey Kids, Comics!/Whadjathink? Crossover #1 - Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice

• May 1st, 2016

Hey Kids, Comics is taking a one week hiatus to iron out scheduling.  This week (if a couple of days late) the JediCole Universe is proud to offer up this spoiler rich crossover between Hey Kids, Comics! and the long out of production Whadjathink?  

The JCU's premiere comic book show's hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston felt that the epic DC Comics universe building film "Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice" deserved some commentary.  Who better to join them than Mrs. JediCole herself, Catherine Houston.  So it would become more than a special episode with a special guest and more like a mini relaunch of Whadjathink?

If you have not yet seen this movie (we deliberately ran late getting this thing posted so everyone would have a shot), you should wait until you have seen it if you want to avoid spoilers.

Note:  This episode was recorded about three weeks ago, so some references may be out of date.

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Hey Kids, Comics! #178 - Comic Book Capers: Exit Through the Comic Shop

• April 28th, 2016

Welcome back to the crime-filled story arc, "Comic Book Capers"!   In this issue, things really do get criminal as actual low and high profile comic book thefts and heists are the order of the day.  

From high end comics pilfered at conventions to rare comics going missing from comic shop displays to the most famous of all - Nicholas Cage's prized comics disappearing after a party!

All this and a change of heart from JediCole as your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston open the crime files of the thefts, petty and grand, of some of the most sought after comic books out there.

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Hey Kids, Comics! #177 - Comic Book Capers: I’ll See You in Court!

• April 18th, 2016

Let a new arc begin!

Welcome to Hey Kids, Comics! and a unique new story arc that is all about the law, both sides!  From lawsuits to criminal cases, comic books have been central to many a court case.  

As your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston explore this topic, they start in the civil courts with a variety of famous (and not so well known) cases of publisher v. publisher, creator v. publisher, and more "v." cases that have come before the bench, primarily in the United States.  And not surprisingly, primarily involving Marvel Comics Group.  

So assemble your legal team, check your briefs, and all rise as the court of HKC! is about to hear the first case on its docket, that of the wonderful world of the lawsuit.

Order in the court!

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Hey Kids, Comics! #176 - A Baton to the Face II (or: “We’d Rather Be Watching Daredevil II”

• April 12th, 2016


Daredevil on Netflix that is!  So naturally hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston have to talk up this event at full just so they can shut up about the second season a little while.

Find out their thoughts on Daredevil, the Black Sky, Punisher, the Hand, and all things going on in Hell's Kitchen in this breakaway Marvel Comics television series!

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Hey Kids, Comics! #175 - Challenge of the Comics Pros

• April 1st, 2016

Yes, it is true.  This is the 175th issue of Hey Kids, Comics!

For this outing, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are taking a serious look at the year ahead in comics though the lens of this year's Comics Pro meeting.

Comics Pro is the professional organization of comic book retailers nationwide.  Their annual conference helps strengthen the industry through engaging with peers, exploring new directions for every aspect of retail, and increasing access to publishers.  Get an glimpse behind the scenes of comic shops as Hey Kids, Comics! discusses the outcome of this year's meeting and speculates on the future.

All this and a surprise new character!

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Hey Kids, Comics! #174 - To All-Con and Back Again

• April 1st, 2016

Welcome at long last to the 174th issue of "Hey Kids, Comics!"  

This issue is running rather late due to post-All-Con constraints on JediCole's part and the inevitable con crud that set in afterwards as well.  But illness did not stop this issue making it out, albeit a week late and with the next issue hot on its heels.

All-Con, the favorite convention of The JediCole Universe, has long been a periodic subject of this show.  2016 proves no exception as Andrew Farmer (who could not attend this year) gets the details about the show from co-host Cole Houston.  Cole talks about his 12th year with the show and a banner year for Games and Theory, the game show track at All-Con.  

That and so much more on the latest HKC!


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