The JediCole Universe Live (All-Con 2015) - In the Company of Heroes

• March 23rd, 2015

Welcome to a very special JCU podcast that was recorded live at All-Con 2015 on Saturday, March 14, 2015.

Hey Kids, Comics! hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston have been away at All-Con then busily getting things back in order afterwards, so there has been an interruption in the release of new issues of their podcast.  The same has been true of The Rantcor Pit, also due to the constraints of a huge convention weekend.  But luckily Andy managed to capture audio of The JediCole Universe Live, Cole's long-running talk show at All-Con, which proved to be ideal when the show took an unexpected turn!

This recording is of the first half of the show in which Cole is joined by two producers and one of the stars of Now Hiring, an independent film that will soon be available on DVD (the official announcement was made just days before this recording) and features versatile actor Camden Toy in the role of Lord Menace.  Camden is a semi-regular All-Con guest and was gracious enough to give part of his evening over to joining producers Altheria and Donna from the production in a lively discussion of the ups and downs of the production of this wonderful film in which JediCole has cameo appearances in two different roles!
Listen Now:

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Hey Kids, Comics! #127 - The Super-Human Experience: The Gods Themselves

• March 7th, 2015

It is time yet again, if a day late, for Hey Kids, Comics! and the final chapter of the latest story arc.

Join Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston as they take The Super-Human Experience to the next level.  Or is that the next plane?  Where and how the gods of myth and legend fit in to a world where they are no longer the objects of worship is the topic of discussion in this issue.  What compels some to become champions of the Earth, especially those who were rulers in antiquity?  This and other weighty topics of the gods of old in the modern era are explored.
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The Rantcor Pit #31 - We Like the Star Wars!

• March 2nd, 2015

The boys are back!

After a hiatus JediCole Houston and Eddie Medina have returned to their favorite galaxy far, far away with a new episode all about their own experiences with Star Wars.
Expect a very organic discussion of your hosts' history with the Saga full of tales and antidotes, many imparted for the first time.  And since they are silly for Star Wars, this episode not only runs longer than normal, it opens the door to a sequel!  Enjoy this episode today and be back in two weeks for more.
At least it's not like waiting three years between Empire and Jedi!
Listen Now:

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Hey Kids, Comics! #126 - The Super-Human Condition: Out of This World

• February 28th, 2015

Welcome yet again to the current story arc of Hey Kids, Comics!  Leaving the confines of Earth the discussion now takes hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston to outer space and other dimensions!

Leaving both our solar system and humanity behind, this issue explores the dynamics and psychology of being of another world.  Well, that and getting into that crazy super-hero business we have here, in comics anyway.  Or perhaps doing the opposite.  Or just doing what you do best - destroying or taking over everything that strikes your fancy.
Whether from interstellar, inter-planar, or inter dimensional origins, there is something rather peculiar about some of the folks talked about on this show...
Listen Now:

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Hey Kids, Comics! #125 - The Super-Human Condition: Above and Beyond

• February 22nd, 2015

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston have a lot on board this week as The Super-Human Condition continues to explore the effects of being a hero or villain can have on psychology, society, and more.

This week the bar is raised beyond the reach of most, unless they happen to be "born that way".  In other words, mutants.  But the "Children of the Atom" are not the only players in this big league.  There are also those who accidentally became permanently imbued with super powers.  Or those who chose to be mutated toward that end.  All of these possibilities and more are discussed in this week's issue.
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Hey Kids, Comics! #124 - The Super-Human Condition: Man Plus

• February 13th, 2015

Do clothes make the man?  How about body armor?  Or the ability to cloak oneself in  impenetrable mystic shielding?  What about seemingly ordinary objects imbued with immense power?  If you have these things, and oh so many more, that can certainly define or “make” you!

“The Super-Human Condition” continues as Andrew Farmer and JediCole talk up the psychology and the nature of super-heroes.  This issue explores how even the most mundane of human beings can thrive in the realm of the super-hero by virtue of hyper-enhancement.  From cybernetics to magic to exoskeletons to power-of-the-gods level firepower, punching up what God gave you can turn any milquetoast into a powerhouse! 

Check it out today as “Man Plus” continues the latest story arc.

Listen Now:

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Hey Kids, Comics! #123 - The Super-Human Condition: Peak Performance

• February 6th, 2015

The latest story arc of Hey Kids, Comics! begins now!  

Taking an in depth look at the psychology of the super-hero (and super-villain), Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston begin to analyze exactly what it takes to be such a crimefighter or criminal and what being such does to the psyche.  In this first chapter the very pinnacle of human achievement is discussed.  Characters like Hawkeye, Ozymandias, and Batman (naturally) have honed their bodies, their minds, and their skills and training to the most proficient and ultimate levels a normal man may achieve.  Then they have chosen to fight criminals, despots, intergalactic monsters, and even godlike entities alongside other heroes who are often godlike in their own right.
What can compel a human to enter the realm of those more than human and manage to hold their own?  Your hosts will certainly endeavor to find out!
Listen Now:

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The Rantcor Pit #30 - Speeders, Walkers, and Cloud Cars! Oh My!

• February 1st, 2015

The Rantcor Pit is back with the second half of our vehicular exploration of the Star Wars universe!  This time Cole Houston and Eddie Medina are looking at all of the vehicles that are pretty much stuck on the planet where you find them.  In other words, they are not going to be traveling to the stars.

Walkers, speeder bikes, bongos, landspeeders, and other land, sea, and air craft are the focus of this "auto show" of Star Wars!
Listen Now:

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Hey Kids, Comics! #122 - Journey Into Toys

• January 30th, 2015

It is a return to the Aisle of Toys with Andrew and Cole this week!

With the International Toy Fair fast approaching, your hosts are again thinking about toys, especially those based on comic books, with a little something more in the mix.
Get ready to hear a couple of guys who are silly for toys as well as a special appearance by Mrs. JediCole.
Listen Now:

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Do It Yourself 6: Interstellar

• January 29th, 2015

Welcome to the latest edition of the movie review show that tells you not only what the critics think, but everything they would have done differently in the bargain!  Yes, it's time for a new Do It Yourself!

This time Vegabomber and Joose set their sights on Interstellar.  Discover for yourself how they would have preferred to see this post Apocalyptic epic of mankind grasping at the last hope of survival pan out in the end. 
Listen Now:

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