HKC! SDCC 2016 Special

• July 25th, 2016
Welcome comic fans!  Yet again this year, only after the fact, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston vent their considerable wrath on San Diego Comic Con!

Really it is just about bitching about the all-too-common exclusive collectibles that they will miss out on or overpay to own.  That and the long lines for those attending.  None the less, there are still some positive notes...

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Hey Kids, Comics! #188 - Identity Theft

• July 23rd, 2016

What happens when the alter-ego takes over?  When that "other self" becomes all-consuming?  What if an alter-ego begets yet another alter-ego?  

These are the questions posed and explored by Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston as they face off with the challenge of super-heroes to maintain their actual identity when they have embraced their crime-fighting persona a little too fully.

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Do It Yourself 8: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

• July 20th, 2016

After just over one full year, Vegabomber and Joose are back!  

These two intrepid movie-goers didn't stop going to movies.  They didn't stop wanting to improve the movies they say.  They just had to take time away from this labor of cinematic love.  But like Superman and Batman both, they now "RETURN"!
Join the lively discussion as Vebabomber and his trusty companion in critique return to the fore to review and rebuild (at least in their minds) Zach Snyder's latest super-hero epic.  Yes, Batman v. Superman:  Dawn of Justice (original cut) is the topic of this spoiler-rich episode that might be a good precursor to any screening of the upcoming extended cut!  Discover where your hosts found favor and where they found some unfortunate cracks in the foundation, chips int he paint, and noble rot in the wood of the house that is the latest DC Comics cinematic opus!

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The Rantcor Pit #51 - Far, Far Away

• July 17th, 2016

"Far, Far Away".  

Star Wars Celebration Europe certainly seems that to Cole Houston and Eddie Medina as they present a discussion thereof on the latest episode of the show.  Being in Texas puts them thousands of miles from the action that will be in its final day as this goes live on the JCU site.

Listen to an exploration of the Celebration phenomenon, the exclusive products and the big announcements and revelations of the latest incarnation of the official Star Wars convention, and generally get in on the fun from half a world away!

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Hey Kids, Comics! #187 - Salon de Refuses

• July 15th, 2016

How does Paris' 1863 exhibition of rejected works of art, many considered today to be masterpieces, have any connection to comic books?

The answer is because Cole "JediCole" Houston had determined to find such a connection, if in a truly loose definition of connection.  Join him and Andrew Farmer as they present their own exhibit of rejected (or more accurately forgotten, obscure, or otherwise not-exactly-commonplace comic book greats that are just waiting to be discovered.  

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Hey Kids, Comics! #186 - Tarzan of the Comics

• July 8th, 2016

From the pages of classic pulp literature to the pages of four color comics, Edgar Rice Burroughs' most famous creation found an ideal new home when Tarzan entered the world of comic books!

Last Friday's release of The Legend of Tarzan, JediCole's personal love of the ape-man drove the topic of this week's issue of the show.  He and Andrew Farmer are joined by legendary comic creator and historian Michael T. Price (his second appearance on the show) as they talk about the long and storied history of Tarzan in comics.

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The Rantcor Pit #50 - The First Time Ever I Saw Star Wars

• July 4th, 2016

As Star Wars fans we all started somewhere.

From the big screen in 1977 to VHS tapes or DVDs.  Everyone got into the Saga at a different jumping off point.  

With that in mind, Rantcor host Cole "JediCole" Houston sought out a variety of individuals to share their own personal experience with discovering that Galaxy Far, Far Away.  Various age groups and diverse first time experiences are explored with podcasters and non-podcasters alike. 

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Hey Kids, Comics! #185 - You Don’t Mess With the Batmans!

• July 1st, 2016

Greetings from Gotham!

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston take a walk on the Dark Knight side in the latest issue of the show!  Batmans is their jaaaaaaaaaaaaam! and that means an in-depth discussion on how criminals foolishly mess with the Caped Crusader and how he messes right back.  In a big way!  In a Bat-way!

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Hey Kids, Comics! #184 - The Doctor is In or (Under a Banana Flavored Sun)

• June 24th, 2016

It's time to play doctor!

Not actually, it is more about doctors and those who just take up the title, all of them fighting or engaging in crime in comics.  Yes, this issue finds Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston talking about...doctors.

Doctors Doom, Thirteen, Fate, Demonicus, Regulus, Octopus, Phosphorous, Strange, and more are discussed in an episode of the show that is just what the doctor ordered!

Also, answer for yourself the question why mystic arts are more fun than the healing arts!

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The Rantcor Pit #49 - Mythic Proportions: The Lightsaber Excalibur

• June 19th, 2016


The Rantcor Pit proudly presents for your auditory entertainments the forty and ninth episode of the show featuring the second and final half of the Mythic Proportions series known as The Lightsaber Excalibur!

Cole Houston and Eddie Medina, in all seriousness, conclude the two-part discussion of mythology and folklore in and reflected by the Star Wars Saga.  Yet again they are joined by Kelly Long who acts as their guide through an exploration of the King Arthur legend as seen especially in Episode 7:  The Force Awakens.  


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