Hey Kids, Comics! #317 - Optical Allusions

• July 19th, 2019

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Hey Kids, Comics #316 - Summer Fun 2019: European Vacation

• July 12th, 2019

It's that time of year again!  Summer has arrived and the annual Summer Fun issue is here at last!  

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston could not think of anything that was as much fun this summer as "Spider-Man:  Far From Home", so naturally this blockbuster became the subject for this year's edition.  

SPOILER ALERT! - This issue is heavily laden with spoilers of the film's many secrets.  Please go see this incredible movie before you partake of this issue.

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Hey Kids, Comics! #315 - Don’t Cry For Me San Diego

• July 4th, 2019

For the last few years there has not been a year without the sound of your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston railing against the collection assassin that is the San Diego Comic Con exclusive - regardless of the vendor.

2019 will see this tradition continuing as they share their thoughts about this year's slate of "can't-get-it-if-you-are-not-here collectibles that are being offered at SDCC.  While conditions have improved for collectors, the exclusivity of some items remains quite problematic.

Find out what the guys have to say about things this year....

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Hey Kids, Comics! #314 - Lend Me a Sinner

• July 1st, 2019

 The boys are back!

Okay, the old dudes are back!  Hey Kids, Comics! returns from an unscheduled late Spring hiatus with the promised look at comic book henchmen.  From the themed gangs that aid in the malfeasance of comics' top crooks to the unexpected henchmen you never knew were out there, this issue has it all!  

To paraphrase Professor X, when it comes to henchmen, they are not always what you think.

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Hey Kids, Comics! #313 - Man Plus

• June 2nd, 2019

Cyborgs!  Cyborgs!  Cyborgs!

More machine than man!

Cyborgs!  Cyborgs!  Cyborgs!

With this topic HKC! ran!

Welcome to the latest issue of Hey Kids, Comics! which follows on the deadly heels of an issue about man at the pinnacle of physical perfection with one about the melding of man and machine.  A particular chestnut of comic books that tends to be illustrated with lateral cranial cybernetic enhancement, generally with the artificial being on the left side.  This and more will Andrew "Robo Cardigan" Farmer and Cole "CyberJedi" Houston explore in this fully enhanced issue of the show.

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Hey Kids, Comics! #312 - In His Hands

• May 23rd, 2019

One issue alone could not contain the greatness that is Shang Chi, Marvel's resident Master of Kung-Fu!

After a one week hiatus, HKC! is back with the other half a two part exploration of the son of Fu-Manchu as that which he was forged to be from birth...a living weapon!

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Hey Kids, Comics! #311 - Fu Fighters

• May 10th, 2019

Hey kids, Shang-Chi!

After more than 300 issues of the show it was past time that Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston discussed the son of Fu-Manchu who is also Marvel's self-styled "Master of Kung-Fu"!  That's twice the Fu!  

From beginnings as a leap onto the martial arts bandwagon of the 70s with a Bruce Lee-inspired lead to weaving the legend of Fu Manchu into his story to the ups and downs of a character the publisher sometimes loved, sometimes loathed, there was a lot to cover with one of JediCole's favorite comics!

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Hey KIds, Comics! #310: What Did We Just See? - Ad Infinitum

• May 3rd, 2019

Ten years in the making!  

Not this issue of the show so much as the topic thereof, "Avengers:  Endgame"!  Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston take you on a SPOILER RICH exploration of this record-smashing event of a movie.  Those crazy kids DeNae Cortez and Aaron Prado from Wonder Twin Powers Activate Show join the fun as "What Did We Just See?" draws to a close. 

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Hey Kids, Comics! #309 - What Did We Just See?: Thunderstruck

• April 25th, 2019

Warner Brothers had finally realized that dark and brooding is great for Batman, but not necessarily the entire DCU.  So it is only natural that "Shazam!" is the topic of discussion in this HCK! arc that explores recent comic book based television shows and movies.  

This week Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are joined by none other than JediCole's own dad!  Amazing insights are had from someone who read Captain Marvel comics (the one featuring the lead character of Shazam!) back in the early 40s!

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Hey Kids, Comics! #308 - What Did We Just See?: Ticking Away

• April 17th, 2019

Welcome to the halfway point of "What Did We Just See?".  This week Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston take a look at Amazon Prime's "The Tick".  With a focus primarily on the second season of the show based on Ben Edlund's quirky super-hero, expect discussion on both seasons that represent the third television incarnation of the independent comic sensation.

Catherine "Mrs. JediCole" Houston joins the fun as a fan of The Tick from the original comic book forward.

Grab a spoon and give a listen to this SPOILER RICH issue of HKC! today.  Or later if you have not yet watched the second season.

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