Hey Kids,Comics! #261 - Hey Hasbro!

• April 3rd, 2018

At long last an episode recorded some weeks back makes its debut!  

This outing your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston talk about the upcoming (by now largely released) Marvel Legends action figures and share their thoughts on which characters ought to be produced in the years to come.  

As the character roster expands, there is always room for some of the classics as well as the truly obscure denezins of the MCU!


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Hey Kids, Comics! #260 - Thou Never Shalt Hear Herald Any More

• February 16th, 2018

Perhaps one of the most iconic relationships in comics is the subject of choice this week for Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston - the Heralds of Galactus!

The Word-Devourer and constant nemesis of the Fantastic Four has long maintained a harbinger of impending doom in the form of a herald to quite literally procliam "the end is nigh".  While the Silver Surfer remains the best known recepient of the Power Cosmic, so many others have had the terrible task put upon them in their master's insatiable pursuit of fresh planetary nourishment.  

Join your hosts as they explore the roster of Heralds that have graced the pages of Marvel Comics for decades!

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Hey Kids, Comics! #259 - The Saga of “Saga”

• February 10th, 2018

Why has it taken nearly 260 issues of this show to finally arrive here?  

That is probably the biggest question posed as Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston finally tackle the epic Image Comics publication "Saga"!

For the unfamiliar it might be best to avoid this issue, at least past the first ten minutes or so, to allow yourself the opportunity to immerse yourself in the outstanding work of Fiona Staples and Brian K. Vaughn!  This surprising gem drops the reader head first into a vast universe of magic and technology, bizarre worlds and races, and characters who's humanity transcends their all-too-often curious exteriors.  

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Hey Kids, Comics! #258 - That Moment When, Again

• February 2nd, 2018

Nine months ago Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston embarked on a journey into the power of the comic book story to move the reader.  From the tales that make you think to those that move you so deeply that you find yourself tearing up from their poignancy.  

Naturally there are too many such instances to have been covered in a single issue.  And more have occured since the first issue of the show to address this phenomenon.  So HKC! is proud to yet again explore the moments when a comic became more than a comic.

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The Rantcor Pit #68 - Far, Far Away or (The Enduring Inconvenience of Star Wars)

• January 28th, 2018

The Rantcor Pit is back on the JediCole Universe!

Your hosts Cole Houston and Eddie Medina had taken far too long a hiatus to see to varius projects and concentrate on the production of The Rantcor Pit Live on Dallas on Air as well as their own new monthly shows there.  

But you can't keep them away from the audio version of the show forever, and now they return with a look at another kind of long run, the nature of how so many things in Star Wars films seem so far apart or just downright inconveniently arranged.  In the interest of not giving too much away, the subject matter will be left at that so you can explore right along with "Your Favorite Star Wars Guys"!

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Hey Kids, Comics! #257 - I Think I’m Turning Japanese: I Go Neo-Tokyo

• January 27th, 2018

Join Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston as they bid a fond farewell to one of the most challenging and compellling story arcs in the history of the show.

The dystopian futures depicted in many manga titles are the subject of discusison this week as your hosts immerse themselves in the drastic, tragic future of Japan and/or the world as seen through popular Japanese titles.

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Hey Kids, Comics! #256 - I Think I’m Turning Japanese: West Meets East

• January 19th, 2018

Welcome yet again to Hey Kids, Comics! and a look at the influences of Japan on comics both in the country and abroad.

This week Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston look at the impact of Japanese culture and Manga on the American comic industry.  From artistic styles to plotlines, there is an indelible mark on comics that has been left from creators in Japan.  Your hosts muddle their way through the familiar and unfamiliar alike as they brush up on Eastern culture and Western comics.

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Hey Kids, Comics! #255 - I Think I’m Turning Japanese: Manga Made

• January 15th, 2018

Yet again your HKC! hosts find themselves delving into personally uncharted territory!  This issue being all about manga takes Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston well out of their comic book comfort zone.

Yet somehow they bring you an hour of engaging conversation about the origins and history of manga, its migration from Japan into the American vernacular, and more.

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Hey Kids, Comics! #254 - I Think I’m Turning Japanese: Hands and Feet

• January 6th, 2018

"I Think I"m Turning Japanese" continues with a stealthy new issue all bout the ubiquitous and mystified Japanese icon, the Ninja!

From their arrival on the popular culture shores of the West in the 80s to the present day, Ninja are a huge part of the modern comic vernacular.  One writer/artist certainly saw to the bolstering of their popularity with work that would inspire a remarkably parody that forged an empire.

Like the night out of which they silently emerge, Ninja are with us now and forever...in comics!

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Hey Kids, Comics! #253 - I Think I’m Turning Japanese: Family Feudal

• December 29th, 2017

At long last the HKC! hiatus 2017 has come to an end!

Your well rested hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston struggle through terrible colds to bring you the opening issue of the first story arc of the new year - I Think I'm Turning Japanese.  This arc will explore the influence of Japanese culture, history, and manga on the comic book industry at large.

To open the narrative, this issue goes back in time to take a look at the Fuedal period in Japan, a time and place not included in the previous time period discussion arc.  Like so many benchmark historical periods around the world, this era lends itself ideally to the graphic sequential storyteller.

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