Do It Yourself 8: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

After just over one full year, Vegabomber and Joose are back!  

These two intrepid movie-goers didn't stop going to movies.  They didn't stop wanting to improve the movies they say.  They just had to take time away from this labor of cinematic love.  But like Superman and Batman both, they now "RETURN"!
Join the lively discussion as Vebabomber and his trusty companion in critique return to the fore to review and rebuild (at least in their minds) Zach Snyder's latest super-hero epic.  Yes, Batman v. Superman:  Dawn of Justice (original cut) is the topic of this spoiler-rich episode that might be a good precursor to any screening of the upcoming extended cut!  Discover where your hosts found favor and where they found some unfortunate cracks in the foundation, chips int he paint, and noble rot in the wood of the house that is the latest DC Comics cinematic opus!

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