Hey Kids, Comics! #159 - Toylandia: Rise of the Indys

And now...the "Indys"!

Independent comics have always been a part of the comic book scene since the rise of the "Big Two".  From the comix of the 70s to the indy boom of the 90s, someone was always publishing something outside the mainstream.  Yet being under the radar of most of the world means that you don't get a lot of brand recognition.  And you don't get a lot of licensees seeking to bring products based on your properties to market. 
But that would not always be the case.  As the Indys grew in popularity, so did their profile in the public eye.  And so little by little notice was taken of comics that would otherwise have been ignored outside of the comic shop.  From movies and television shows to the subject of this week's issue, toys, independent comics would get their day in the sun.
Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston talk up Spawn toys, "Build-a-Figure" lines featuring indy properties, the curious case of The Mighty Crusaders, and more.  Collect them all this week on Hey Kids, Comics!

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