Hey Kids, Comics! #191 - Rogue-ish I’s: Silly Bird

With a resonant quack and a trademark waddle, the Penguin became an iconic Batman villain, if a rather comical, satirical one at that.  Yet over the many decades of this feathered felon's career, Oswald Cobblepot has become one of the most important members of Batman's rogue's gallery.

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston continue their exploration of Batman's core adversaries and how they reflect aspects of his own personality and alter-ego.  This week they are joined by Penguin fan and co-host of The Rantcor Pit and The Rantcor Pit Live, Eddie Medina.

Wine is consumed, a villain's motivations and history are explored, and the show goes off the rails often enough to punctuate the odd tale of an odd old bird of Gotham City.

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