Hey Kids, Comics! #211 - Psi-Fi: Hooked on Psionics

Is it mind over matter or something more?

Psycic and psionic powers are pervasive in comics and have been even when creators did not realize that such was the case.  The untapped potential of the mind is such a common thread in science fiction that it is little wonder its cousin, the comic book, should follow suit.

This week your intreped hosts wrestle mentally with the core concepts of psionics.  What constitutes the poer of the mind versus other sources?  Which characters are commonly grouped into lists of the psi-wielders but should not be thus?  Where do Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston come down on defining psionics?  These and other questions arise and are answered as the latest powerful story arc, Psi-Fi, launches its five issue exploration of the topic at hand.  

Or is that the topic at mind?


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