Hey Kids, Comics! #226 - Expanding a Universe

When Star Wars turns 40 and "Hey Kids, Comics!" release date falls on May 5, aka Revenge of the Fifth, there simply is nothing for it but to do an episode about "The Star Wars"!

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston, joined by Eddie Medina of "The Rantcor Pit" examine the phenomeonon of Star Wars through one of Marvel Comics' most successful licensed titles.  From the initial six-issue adaptation of the film to what is arguably the genesis of what would come to be known as the Expanded Universe.  

Disney may have declared that nohting that occured during the 107 regular issues and three anuals (apart from the adaptations of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back during said run), but that does not dismiss the importance of Marvel's first run of Star Wars comics.  Harken back to 1977-1986 with a celebration of nearly a decade of classic Marvel lore.


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