Hey Kids, Comics! #233 - Period Pieces: Get Medieval

Ye Olde Hey Kids, Comics! doth return wiht Medieval madness from the books of comics.  Missers Andrew the Farmer and Cole of Houston do espouse, in the oral tradition of this showe, the valiant virtues and vile villainy that did occur during the days of olde.

Steve of Clan McCauley was chosen to accompany the pair on their journey to discover not only the popular Arthurian cycle as it occurs at Marvel and DC, but also many a knight, a monster, or a maiden from or inspired by a bygone age.

Who may say what strange tales may be found within such curious and colorful tomes as your hosts shall be discussing among their learned selves? Tis not for this chronicle to fortell, nay, it shall be the task of you, faithful listener of yon podcast to find for thy own self by lending an ear to the proceedings that shall delight and inform.



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