Hey Kids, Comics! #240 - Cine-Files: Movie Knights

We're Batman!

There has been no shortage of Batman movies or movie Batmans in the last quarter century.  Technically there have been Batmans since 1943, but the Cine-Files story arc does not stretch back that far.  Nor 1949.  Or indeed, to 1966, either.  Apologies to Lewis Wilson, Robert Lowery, and Adam West - all of whom brought Bruce Wayne's alter ego to the big screen.  

This week Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston take a look at big screen Batman incarnations from Keeton to Aflek and everyone in between.  The character has been brooding and serious, campy and jovial, and even downright murderous over the years.

Join Hey Kids, Comics! on a journey through the Dark Knights in cinema from 1989 through 20016.


We want to issue a very special thank you to batman-online.com , for their extensive work in detailing panel by panel, the comparisons between comic and film!  Way to go, team!




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