Hey Kids, Comics! #249 - You and What Army?

If  you don't have a Hulk, you had best have an army.

Many a nefarious villain would never hatch an evil scheme without being certain that there is a well trained army at his or her disposal.  When you fight the bad fight, it is just a necessity.  For that matter, when fighting the good fight, an army is also a plus.

So in comics it is little wonder that we find so many unique mercenary or government sanctioned armed forces.  From the good guys of S.H.I.E.L.D. to their arch nemesis Hydra to the assembled hoardes of the Amazon or the extremely organized criminal organization Intergang, there is always an army here or there.

This week Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston embed themselves in the wide variety of armed forces that people the worlds of comics as protectors or menaces.



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