Hey Kids, Comics! #250 - Amazing Reuinioncast

About a decade ago Cole "JediCole" Houston began his podcasting career shortly after discovering the term podcasting.  This set him on a path that went from VaderCast to Amazing Comicast and ultimately The United States of Geekdom before launching The JediCole Universe and its catalog of shows.  It was during the Amazing Comicast years that he met Andrew Farmer and the seeds of Hey Kids, Comics! were planted, though nobody knew at the time.

Since then over 250 issues of the show have been published on The JediCole Universe and ten monthly episodes of Hey Kids, Comics! Live were produced on Deep Ellum on Air.  On the occassion of a nearly uninturrupted run of weekly shows, it seemed natural to revisit two upon which one o fyour hosts was unavailable to record as well as take a thoughtful look back at the origins of this very show.

This massive special issue of HKC! features a reunion of sorts with Andy and Cole revisiting a pair of episodes that lacked one or the other then launches into a reunion of your hosts, Mrs. JediCole, and the founder of Amazing Comicast and The United States of Geekdom, Rick Gutierrez.  


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