Hey Kids, Comics!/Whadjathink? Crossover #1 - Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice

Hey Kids, Comics is taking a one week hiatus to iron out scheduling.  This week (if a couple of days late) the JediCole Universe is proud to offer up this spoiler rich crossover between Hey Kids, Comics! and the long out of production Whadjathink?  

The JCU's premiere comic book show's hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston felt that the epic DC Comics universe building film "Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice" deserved some commentary.  Who better to join them than Mrs. JediCole herself, Catherine Houston.  So it would become more than a special episode with a special guest and more like a mini relaunch of Whadjathink?

If you have not yet seen this movie (we deliberately ran late getting this thing posted so everyone would have a shot), you should wait until you have seen it if you want to avoid spoilers.

Note:  This episode was recorded about three weeks ago, so some references may be out of date.

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