The Rantcor Pit #46 - Not a Toy

Greetings Rantcorps!

As promised the prerecorded show is back on track after too long a hiatus and on its new schedule, going up on the JCU site the same Sunday as The Rantcor Pit Live streams live from  
This episode explores the rift that began to form between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back producer Gary Kurtz and George Lucas.  As licensing became king in Hollywood, especially for Star Wars, the focus of the Saga franchise became highly driven by outside sources, most notably Kenner Products.  
Special guest David Bunds returns to the show to join Cole Houston and Eddie Medina in the discussions inspired by his bringing an article about the Kurtz/Lucas split to your co-host's attention.  Did toy and other merchandising concerns take precedent over storytelling by the time Return of the Jedi was looming large in the future at LucasFilm?  How much of a sway would it hold over the Prequel Trilogy?  Had that galaxy far, far away just become a plaything?
Find out today!

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