The Rantcor Pit #68 Hey Hasbro! (Part 2: Back in Black)

It's time to talk Star Wars toys that don't exist - yet - once again. 

Welcome to the second (and final) part of 'Hey Hasbro!" in which Cole Houston and Eddie Medina dig deeper into their modern Star Wars toy wish list. What characters and creatures do they favor that they did not get to last time?  Can they stick to talking about just the 6" scale Black Series?  Can only two episodes of the show truly suffice to cover so much ground?

Find out what Your Favorite Star Wars Guys hope to check off of their collecting bucket list in the upcoming years.  This (and the episode before it) will be something to look back at in a few years and see what, if anything, got the toy treatment and satisfied the Rantcor Pit's ravenous appetite for collectbles.


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