The Rantcor Pit #65 - Decades: 40 Years of Star Wars Episode IV: The Force Will Be With You…Always

Cole Houston and Eddie Medina wrap up their four episode tribute to four decades of Star Wars with an exploration of the last ten years.  

For nearly a half-century Star Wars has been a part of the collective consciousness of the world.  Listen to "Your Favorite Star Wars Guys" reminisce about the decade that saw Disney purchase LucasFilm, ushered in the first chapter of the final trilogy and the first stand alone film in the live action francise, spawned a successful new animated television series, and saw the arrival, disappearance, and return of The Rantcor Pit (as well as the addition of The Rantcor Pit Live)!

What memories will Cole and Eddie invoke in you as they journey through tthe most recent years of the Saga (so far).



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