Hey Kids, Comics! #221 - That Moment When

Tonight, on a very special "Hey Kids, Comics!"...

There are times when comic books transcend their genre and their form, when they truly beome art.  And then there are those timese when a comic storyline, an issue, or even just a handful of panels give pause and leave you reflective, thoughtful, or deeply touched.  These are the "moments when" that occur in the bst examples of comic book story craft.

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston impart some of their own most memorable moments in this unique isssue of the show.  

SPOILER ALERT!  Some of the discussions will reveal more than you may wish to know before reading such titles as "Identiy Crisis", "Watchmen", "Saga", "Countdown to Infinite Crisis", "Saga of the Swamp Thing", and more.




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