Hey Kids, Comics #225 - Cat Tail

Welcome to an adult-oriented issue of Hey Kids, Comics! that gives exposure (pun intended) to a comic book series that JediCole feels is one of those hidden gems that go otherwise overlooked.  This week Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston turn their attention to the transcendent adults-only comic, "Omaha the Cat Dancer".

Released quietly in 1984 by a publisher nobody had ever heard of, a compilation of new and previously published anthology material comprised the first issue of a title that would make quite a splash.  With its hardcore yet natural depiction of sex and sexuality woven into a complex plot of social/political intrigues, betrayal, hypocracy, and true love, the brainchild of cartoonist Reed Waller and (later) writer Kate Worley would cause such a splash as to enter the mainstream of comics in spite of its status as a "dirty book".  

Your hosts offer two perspectives on this often controvercial title, that of fan from the outset and that of the newcomer.  

This issue contains discussion of an adult nature and may contain language that some find offensive.  You have been warned!


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